The Chapel

The gardens surrounding this multi award-winning house by Craftworks were laid out in response to the dynamic typography of the internal architecture.   We were asked to collaborate with them designing all the soft landscaping elements in 2017. 

The intention was that the planting would define the faceted planes by using 3 distinct types of planting:

  1. Zones of lower delicate flowering and low growing species in the gravel areas that would be viewed close-up from the ground floor bedrooms.
  2. Larger more neutral zones of matrix type planting using just 1 or 2 species of grasses and perennials.
  3. More intense planes of taller colourful flowering perennials – mostly surrounding the Corten steel terrace. 

Cherries, Birch and arctic Beech trees were planted for height and privacy with a lower level of flowering shrubs; Dogwood, Guelder Rose and Philidephus. Thousands of spring bulbs were added through the beds and in the lawn/spring meadow to ‘ramp up’ the seasonal changes.